Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How To Break Your Apartment Lease

You crossed your t's and dotted your i's. You just signed yourself into a year-long apartment lease, but a few short months later something's come up. Maybe you had a sudden career change and need to move, or a surprise visit from the stork leaves you needing more space. Or maybe the apartment just isn't what you expected. Whatever your reason for wanting to end your lease early, how you approach the situation will make all the difference in determining whether you get out of it or not.

Understanding Your Apartment Lease

First things first, an apartment lease is binding. You've signed a legal document that's contracted you into a set commitment whether you like it or not. You have an obligation to abide by the contract or face its penalties. Worst case scenario, you'll be forced to pay the remaining months' rent. However, all contracts can be revised or broken if both parties can come to an agreement. Time to put on your big boy pants and negotiate your way out of this lease like an adult.

Talk To Your Landlord

When breaking your rental agreement, open communication with your landlord is your first step toward breaking your lease. Landlords are simply trying to run a business and losing money is their main concern. Most will have no problem letting you break the rental lease if you give them enough time to find a replacement tenant. As soon as you know your move out time period, bite the bullet and call up your landlord to let them know why you're moving and when you plan to move out. Dependant on your lease, you might loose your last months' rent or security deposit, but most good landlords will work with you.

Work With Your Landlord

Take responsibility for breaking the lease and help your landlord the most you can. Landlord's are required under law to mitigate damages by making attempts to rerent your apartment if you decide to break your lease. The key here is to stay in their good graces. Offer to show the apartment or assist in finding a replacement tenant. Remain flexible and they'll be more grateful to you.

Find Loopholes and Miscomings

We're not all fortunate enough to have good landlords and if worst comes to worst you might have to play a little dirty. Read and reread your contract looking for loopholes. Typos, vague wording, and missing break lease agreements are all grounds for finding lease holes.

Another way to beat out a bad landlord is to look around your apartment. Is there damage they've failed to fix? Have rodents taken over and they've done nothing to get rid of the vermin? If your apartment have become uninhabitable through no fault of your own, then you can usually break your lease without penalty.

Put It In Writing

After speaking with your landlord put everything in writing. Not only does this help formalize the break, but leaves a paper trail as evidence that you are taking all steps required.

Seek Legal Advise

If all else fails, you may want to consider seeking legal advice. If you feel you've done everything in your power to help your landlord make a smoother transition, but they're still not playing ball than speak with a lawyer. You can also file a suit in small claims court.

Getting out of a lease can sometimes be rough, but worth it to move into a new place you love. If you're in the Phoenix area and have recently broken your lease - or simply in need of a Phoenix moving company - then call the movers at Bulwark Moving. Call 602-454-2267 or visit www.bulwarkmoving.com for a free quote.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The 5 Most Awesome & Free Things To Do In Phoenix

As the most populous state capital in the United States, Phoenix is anything but short on things to do. But what if you're running short on cash? Not a problem. There are MANY things to do in Phoenix for free. These are some of our favorites.

1. Birds 'N Beer

Fly with the birds while drinking with the fishes. On the third Thursday of every month, the Rio Salado Audubon Society hosts a Bird 'N Beer series from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. Each month features a different topic and a cold brew from Four Peaks Brewery. Visit the Audobon Website for more info.

2. Go Hiking

Get out of the gym and get a nice dose of vitamin D on your next workout. Phoenix is surrounded by miles upon miles of hiking trails for all ages and abilities. Go for a stroll along a flat desert hike or makes gains in elevation to take in Phoenix from one of its mountains. Check out Every Trail to find a trail to suit you.

3. Take in Some Free Art at the Museums

Many of the museums in Phoenix offer free admission or complimentary access on particular days.

  • Free Admission:
    • ASU Art Museum
    • ASU Museum of Anthropology
    • Phoenix Airport Museum
    • Arizona Capitol Museum
    • Shermer Art Museum
  • Complimentary Admission Hours:
    • The Phoenix Art Museum: Wed. 3pm - 9pm, Fri. 6pm - 10pm
    • Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art: Thursdays
    • Phoenix Children's Museum: First Friday of the month 5pm - 9pm

4. Fridays in the Park

On the second and fourth Friday of every month, the City of Phoenix goes all out at Civic Space Park. From 6pm - 10pm, you'll find a changing mix of concerts, movies, food vendors, exhibits and games brought together by the Downtown Partnership. See what's planned for the next Friday in the Park on their Facebook Page.

5. Watch a Flamenco Performance

Local Phoenix dance trio Flamenco Por La Vida are bringing a bit of Espana to Phoenix. Angelina Ramierez, Olivia Rojas and Carlos Montufar share their love of flamenco with the public every Wednesday from 7pm - 9pm at Otro Cafe and Saturdays from 6pm - 8pm at Crescent Ballroom. Watch beauty unfold in traditional Spanish style as they dance, sing and play into the night. Visit the Flamenco Por La Vida Website for more information.

Does life in Phoenix sound tempting? No need to miss out on all the fun! Call the team at Bulwark Moving and join in on the adventure!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Pros and Cons of Roommates

Some days you love 'em, other days you hate 'em. We're talking about those people you share your space with - roommates. While you enjoy their company and someone to talk to, this may not always be the case, especially if you two don't get along. If you're looking for a new place and deciding whether to live alone or not, then let's weigh the pro and cons before making a decision.

Roommate Pro: More Bang For Your Buck

Let's face it, the biggest upside of living with a roommate is having someone to split rent and bills with. Additionally, two incomes makes it more affordable to buy more space and possibly some nice upgrades.

Roommate Con: Marking Your Territory

Having a roommate almost ensures you will never see true peace. You two are different people with different habits. And sometimes getting use to each others habits comes with its share of passive aggressive turmoil. Maybe they leave dishes in the sink or put theirs shoes on the couch. Common areas are shared, so whos furniture arrangement will reign superior? And who gets the apartment's single parking spot? It's always the little nuances that cause more damage than the big ones. The best solution is to establish the little details as soon as they come up to avoid a huge blow out later.

Roommate Pro: Built-in Friend Unit

A roommate automatically gives you someone to hang out with. Living alone can be, well, lonely. Having roommates means there's always someone to talk to and someone to go do things with. And after a long work week, it's nice to have someone to go home to who will go with you to happy hour and let you vent.

Roommate Con: Built-in Pain In The...

Rooming with the right person can be pure bliss, but room with the wrong person and your life can quickly turn into a living nightmare. There's The Recluse, The Party Pooper, The Wild Child, The OCD Clean-Freak, The One Who Doesn't Clean At All, The Significant Other Included, The Bum - and the list goes on. Knowing your preferred style of living and what you will and won't put up with before choosing your roommate can make all the difference. And once a line is crossed, don't be scared to speak up.

So what about you? What are your roommate stories - both good and horror? And if you're in Phoenix and about to move, solo or otherwise, give Bulwark Moving a call. We'll help you move that good roommate in and that bad roommate out.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Manage Clutter With a Spring Cleaning Plan

Whether your space is big or small, clutter is a problem faced by all homeowners. You begin with a nice, new, tidy home, but after a few months clutter starts to creep in slowly. Instead of things falling into place they end up falling on the floor. Well, relax home owners. Spring is the perfect time to banish clutter once and for all! And you'll discover with our plan that fighting clutter isn't as painful as you think.

Pick A Drawer - Any Drawer

Let's ease into this thing. Pick one drawer in your house and take everything out. Take out anything trash worthy, like dried up glue or anything broken. Now decide what sort of drawer this will be and only put back items that meet its description. Everything else put in a big box which will serve as your box of clutter. Repeat with every drawer in your house. Once everything is in its proper place, go through your clutter box and place it in its corresponding drawer. Anything left over that doesn't have a place can either be donated or thrown out.

Organize Your Closet Space

This is where people often get stuck, as closets seem to serve as unorganized dumping grounds of randomness. Just like with the drawers, take everything out and take inventory of what you have. Before putting any items back, ask yourself how you can do it better. Visit your nearest IKEA where you can find all manner of storage racks to hang, box or fold to your heart's content.

Banish Bathroom Clutter

Time to tackle the bathroom. By now, you've already conquered its drawers and closets, so let's optimize. Using hooks and dividers, organize hair dryers, brushes, products and linens. Put cotton balls and q-tips in jars and coordinate makeup.


If power cords and stacks of CDs have you in a bundle, then this step will help you clear up electronic clutter. Dividers and hooks will sort through cables while twist ties will keep cords from tangling.

Dispose of Disposables

Stop storing pasta, cereals, and other food items in their disposable packing counterparts. Not only does it make food go stale faster, but it also hinders you from seeing how much more of a particular item you have left. Use glass jars with tight seals to banish clutter and keep food tasting crisp.

To Keep Or Not To Keep - That Is The Question

We all know how hard it is to get rid of clothes. After all, just because you haven't worn something for the past five months doesn't mean you won't want to wear it five months from now. Put clothing items to the test; store them in a box and put it in the back of your closet. If you miss it later - keep it. But if you pull that box out in a few months from now and you could still care less, then donate it to someone who is going to love it.

Maintain Organization With Consistency

Clutter doesn't just appear overnight - it creeps up on you. To keep clutter at bay, the key is in consistency. Consistently hang up your jacket once you take it off. If you're going to wear those jeans again, put them in their proper place. Do the dishes. Put away whatever you just used. Remain consistent!

Happy spring cleaning from all of us at Bulwark Moving!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

5 Home Improvement Projects for Spring

Spring is in the air and with it comes the perfect time for a little revamping. Shed some light on your home and defrost it with some fun springtime DIY home improvement projects.

Add Pops of Color

There are countless ways to add pops of color to your home. All it takes is a little paint and some time. Colorblock a plant vase or paint the legs of that old stool. Don't worry too much about sticking to a single color scheme; mixing and matching hues is half the fun.

Plant a Garden

Is any other time of the year more perfect for gardening than the springs? After all, it's April showers that bring May flowers. And not only flowers, but herbs and lettuce and yummy fruits! For all of you with no outdoor living space, gardens aren't only for the outdoors - bring the outside in. A couple of herb plants in the kitchen and flower pots in the window do a lot to bring life into an otherwise dreary room.

Paint and Distress Mason Jars

For a springtime project that's both quick and fun, paint the inside of some mason jars. You can make them any color you want make perfect gifts. Plus, they can be used as cups, vases, containers - just about anything really.

String a Floral Garland

Floral garlands have been strung to decorate homes and parties for centuries. All you need is a stick, sandpaper, string, needle and your flowers of choice. Find a large stick and sandpaper it until it has a fine texture. Tie the string around the stick and thread your flowers along the length of the string. Voila!

Flower Popsicles

After revamping your house for spring you're going to be hungry for a treat. Make a snack that's both light and breezy - perfect for spring. The best thing about popsicles is that they're simple and can be tailored to suit any taste.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Moving Back North

The sun's coming back out, the snow is beginning to melt and it feels a bit warmer and warmer every day. Winter will soon be officially over and spring is only days away! Its been fun getting to wake up in the warm Phoenix desert thanks to your timeshare, but you're feeling a bit homesick. Time to pack up and move back north.

When moving back north, be sure to differentiate your sunny clothes from your winter ones. Despite it being spring, temperatures may still be very cold in your hometown and you'll have no need for that itsy-bitsy bikini. If you can, leave your warm weather clothes in the south. But if you must take them, make sure to pack them in their own box to save a hassle once you're home.

Watch for dangerous road conditions when moving north. Roads may still be icy and pose even more of a threat to loaded down trucks and trailers. If you decide to drive, make sure your tires have proper treading and a snow chain. If you're not comfortable with hauling heavy furniture in hazardous conditions, hiring a moving company may be just what you need to safely reach your destination.

Don't make moving harder than it needs to be. Call Bulwark Moving Company at (602) 454-2267 or shoot us a quick e-mail at info@bulwarkmoving.com and be on your way back home.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Moving Checklist For Your Big Move

As a moving company we come across a lot of information to help our clients. Moving can be a huge undertaking and overlooking the smallest detail can dramatically delay your timeline. Planning is crucial! We believe the key to a stress-free move is organization and preparation. That's why we love this little checklist so much. It's a simple approach to getting your belongings organized and shipped from your old home to your new abode. Put this checklist to good use for your next move and let us know if it helps!

Credit: HomeTalk